ECE2010 Digital Assignment 2

Answer all questions 1. For the system shown in fig.1, the feed-forward transfer functions are given as

ECE2010 Digital Assignment 2 Image 1

3. The vehicle Rover has been designed for maneuvering at 0.25 mph over Martian terrain. Because Mars is 189 million miles from Earth and it would take up to 40 minutes each way to communicate with Earth [1, 2], Rover must act independently and reliably- Resembling a cross between a small flatbed truck and an elevated jeep. Rover is constructed of three articulated sections, each with its own two independent, axle-bearing, one-meter conical wheels. A pair of sampling arms—one for chipping and drilling, the other for manipulating fine objects—extend from its front end like pincers. The control of the arms can be represented by the system shown in Fig. 2. (a) Sketch the root locus for K and identify the roots for K = 4, K = 41 and K = XXX. (b) Determine the gain K that results in an overshoot to a step of approximately 1%. (c) Determine the gain that minimizes the settling time (with a 2% criterion) while maintaining an overshoot of less than 1 %. Verify the results with Matlab.

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