Early training of staff at ALDI Manly Wharf

Research Objective

This study aims to investigate how employees at Aldi manly wharf perceive the level of training they receive in the first 3 months of their job.

Research Questions:

In light of the above objective, this study aims to address the following three questions:

  1. How retailers train new staff?
  2. What are the key factors focused on by Aldi in training new staff?
  3. How do employees of Aldi at manly think about their initial training?

Summary of key points in the literature

This research is built on the theory of --------------------. That is ------------------------- because ----------------------

Research Philosophy:

Since this study aims to explore how training is perceived, it is not casual. The nature of objective is exploratory which denotes an interpretivist research. The interpretivist research according to ABSD (2019) is based on two philosophical assumption: 1) reality is subjective. That is, the nature of reality is subject to the interpretation of the researcher and every research may interpret reality differently and 2) reality can be multiple as it multiple interpretations of the same phenomenon can be found. In the case of this research, multiple researchers may develop multiple models and frameworks for perception of Aldi staff about their early and initial training. This is consistent with the study done by XYZ (2008) and YYY (2018) on training of employees at a restaurant in UK.

Research approach:

Informed by the philosophical foundation of the research topic as discussed above, this topic uses a qualitative approach. Qualitative research is based on the interpretivist philosophy because it allows multiple realities and subjectivist view of the phenomenon of the interest. This is consistent with the studies of YYY (2018) and XYZ (2008) that used case studies and qualitative techniques to research training of employees at a restaurant in UK.

Research choice

I chose a mono-method design because---------------. This is in line with the study of ------------------

Time horizon of the research

This research topic requires languifical data because----------------------. This choice is like the study of ------------------

Research strategy:

As a qualitative study aimed at exploring and explaining how employees perceive level of training in a specific setting, this study adopts an embedded single case study because this strategy best suits the purpose of the research. Similar studies in different contexts done by XXXXXX ( 2017) and YYYY ( 2015) also use embedded case study to explore and explain how employees perceive A and B respectively. The embedded nature of the research implies that the research focuses on a phenomenon inside a case here Aldi store in manly.

Population, sample size and sampling approach

Population of research is all employees of Aldi at manly who have gone through initial training. We do not focus on all employees because some employees were transferred from other stores and did not go through initial training.

Currently manly store has 22 employees, 12 of whom have done initial training and constitute our population. Because not every employee is available for interview, we cannot collect data from the entire population and a sampling technique is required to choose an appropriate sample for the study. Consistent with XXXXX (2017) and YYYY (2015), purposive typical case sampling technique was selected to draw a sample. Initial planning given the time and budget available to the investigator suggested that five employees who are typical employees from the employees who have gone through training can be selected via consultation with the human resource manager of Aldi.