Develop a project management plan Assignment

Business Case Summary

Your Learning Team has been selected to consult for a community health care outreach organization that cares for homeless and indigent people. Because of the transient nature of these individuals, it is nearly impossible for them to maintain a comprehensive and easily accessible medical record. Your organization believes that personal health record (PHR) technology could help their constituents have access to a medical record anywhere and anytime. A local philanthropist has donated $10,000 toward this effort. The organization’s board has evaluated a variety of alternatives for PHR, recognizing the acquisition and operation costs and the limited available budget. They have decided the most cost-effective approach to providing PHRs is by using the PHR developed by the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health System that is available for free to anyone at

Your ultimate goal is to develop a project management plan for the implementation of a web-based personal health record using the VA Health System’s MyHealth-e-Vet PHR.

This cumulative project is due in Week Five. Each week, your team works on a different section of the plan. While you do not need to turn in each section every week for review, your team must submit a progress report to your facilitator each week. The weekly progress report will reflect the progress the team has made on the work listed below.

Develop your project management plan using the following template: