Designing a relational database system

Assignment Task:


A large UK based electronics company is considering introducing a new supply chain management system. The company’s main business is to supply electronic products direct to the retail industry. The company make a wide variety of electronic products. Each product type belongs to a particular product line. Each product line is managed by one of the company’s 3 product line managers. Each product is made up of electronic components. Some of the electronic components are manufactured by the company; others are supplied from specialist suppliers. Any component manufactured in-house will belong to a particular component line. Each component line is managed by one of the company’s 4 component line managers. Some of the component suppliers are based overseas. The link between each supplier and the company is overseen by one of the company’s 2 purchasing managers. Each product is developed for a specific retail partner. Each retail partner will be linked to one of the company’s 2 customer managers.


You have been tasked with designing a relational database system that will meet the data storage requirements outlined in the above scenario.

Your main task in this coursework is to produce an initial design document that consists of an ER diagram that shows the entities present in this system, together with any relationships that exist between them.

The ER diagram must conform to the notation taught on this module. You are required to identify entities correctly and give each an appropriate name; this will include entities that are a result of resolving many-to-many relationships. Appropriate attributes need to be included for each entity, and you need to identify primary and foreign keys. Relationships between entities need to be identified and drawn correctly (including label, order and optionality).

When presenting your diagram, make sure to state any assumptions made.