Design and build a program in Java

Activity 10

On the right is the content and layout of an xml file which is a simple text file with tag pairs <>

Each record is defined by a <client></client> pair

Each field in the record is defined by other tag

pairs e.g. <surname></surname>

These fields can vary from record to record

e.g. there are 4 address pairs in the 1st record and five in the second. There is telephone information in the first but none in the second.

Assume that the id, surname, first name and start date are always present

Design and build a program in Java Image 1

Design and build a program that will allow the user to

  • Read data from an xml file (data.xml) Print out the data in the form
    Design and build a program in Java Image 2
  • Only print out the data that is given (no blank fields)
  • Write a method that is given the date in the format shown in the xml file and returns the date in the format above.

Include all sections of the template in your submission. You will need separate activity diagrams for each of the methods

Submit the files, data.xml and the completed assessment template.

Submission should include the following

  • Working application (implemented functionality and error free execution)
  • Program description
  • Analysis: (inputs, processes, outputs)
  • Design (Activity diagrams where appropriate): separate diagrams for each method
  • Test Cases: (list of appropriate test cases including name of test case, data, expected output)
  • Code: (block comment at beginning, inline commenting, layout)
  • Testing: (implementation of listed test cases showing error free execution)