Decoded Data Set

Brief: Decoded has just executed our first campaign for a consumer technology brand, ConTech, which sells TV’s, Computers etc. online and through retailers. We ran a video ad on Facebook which drove to their website, with the goal of maximizing revenue. We tested 3 variables in this campaign to inform creative development in future campaigns. Please answer the following questions based on the campaign data, and explain any reasoning or assumptions used:

  1. If the clients goal is to maximize revenue, which metric should they optimize towards?
  1. Which “value proposition” in the creative drives the best performance, according to the metric chosen above? Are the results statistically significant?
  1. Which combination of Value Prop, Tone and Creative Style drives the best performance? The worst?
  1. Which creative variable had the greatest impact on performance? From your perspective, what are some of the possible reasons why.
  1. The client wants to activate a ‘CoOp’ campaign with another brand, where we drive purchases on their website. (I.e. Sony driving people to to buy a TV). In this campaign, we will not get data back on ‘Purchases’, however we will receive all other metrics. The client has asked what metric we can optimize towards that is most closely correlated with Cost per Purchase. Based on this campaign, what would you recommend?
  1. We initially budgeted $400,000 for the whole campaign, with $100,000 for each test cell. However, we now want to take the remaining unspent budget out of the two worst performing cells and evenly distribute it into the best two cells. Please provide updated final projections for spend in each cell. (Including $$ already spent)
  1. The client has asked you to spend more on 55-64 year olds because it has the lowest Cost per 3 second view. Given their stated primary goal in the brief, how would you respond to this situation?
  1. We are now planning a follow up campaign where we will have an additional $200,000 to spend driving sales. Please provide a recommendation of what audiences to target and what creatives to run.
  1. Following the results of this creative test, propose a test to run that you think will help increase performance. Explain why you chose that test.

Non Data Set

  1. Please describe an advertising or a campaign you thought was particularly effective and why.
  1. In your opinion, what aspects of an Ad have the greatest influence on a consumer’s likeliness to take action?
  1. Which platform do you believe has more potential for marketers going forward, Snapchat or Pinterest?