CSP2151 Workshop 1 Assignment

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School of Science        

CSP2151: Workshop 1

Design and Implement the following:

Write a program to print "Hello World!" on the screen.

Write a Program that has the variables Day, Month and Year. Assign these variables values when declared. Print the following message to the screen: "The date is [ Day ]/[ Month ]/[ Year ]" where each variable is indicated by [ ].

Alter the date program to read in the Day, Month and Year from the keyboard. If nothing is entered, the initialised value assigned at declaration should display.


1) In astrophysics a suicide burn is where a powered descending vehicle will burn at full thrust and fully arrest its descent at the surface. A suicide burn can be very fuel efficient (the longer you are in flight, the more fuel you use controlling gravitational influences) but is also incredibly dangerous.

Design with either pseudocode or flowcharts and implement the following program to calculate the altitude a vehicle should commence a suicide burn . Read in 3 variables from the console; mas, thrust and velocity. Once read in, calculate th e following:

The altitude of a suicide burn is calculated as A = V2d / 2∆Va where ∆Va is calculated as ∆Va = Thrust/Weight - Ga

A = Altitude to initiate suicide burn.
Vd = Velocity of descent
∆Va =  Rate of acceleration
Ga = Gravitational acceleration (m/s)  

Once the altitude of the suicide burn has been calculated, recalculate it with a safety margin of 20%. The gravitational acceleration and safety margin should be defined as constants.

<--------------------------------------- SUICIDE BURN --------------------------------------->
Delta V is calculated as 99.99
At a velocity of 99.99 m/s, with a thrust of 99.99 kN and an acceleration of 99.99
Suicide burn should commence at an altitude of 99.99Meters
With a safety margin of 99.99, recommended burn altitude is 99.99
<---------------------------------------SUICIDE BURN --------------------------------------->

2) Design with either pseudocode or flowcharts a program that :

Prints the numbers from 1 000 to 1.

  • But for multiples of 9 print " -> 9 < -" instead of the number
  • For the multiples of 11 print " -> 11 <-".
  • For numbers which are multiple s of both 9 and 11, do not print either of the previous messages and print “BINGO” instead.