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CSEB453 Software Quality

Assignment 1 (Individual)

Your Quality Assurance (QA) Plan for project MyTelServ should at least contains:

  • The purpose of QA Plan
  • References (what document do you refer in order to come out with the QA Plan)
  • Definition and Acronym (any definition/acronym used in the QA Plan)
  • Project Information (Project ID, Project Name, Project Leader, Project Team Size, Project Duration, etc.)
  • Roles and Responsibilities (Who is the Software Quality Analyst (SQA) responsible for this project, who is the SQA Leader/Manager for this project, SQA and SQA leader/manager responsibilities)
  • Audit Activities (sampling, product assessment, process assessment)
  • Tracking
    • SQA tracking items with tracking method. (E.g.: Tracking Item: Non-Compliance; Tracking Item: NC Tracking Sheet)
    • SQA Reporting and Project Reporting
  • Repository (Where do you want to store all SQA Reports?)
  • Project Facilitation (List down all facilitation activities conducted throughout the project by SQA to avoid corrective actions from being perform.
  • Work Product Review (list down all work product/review items, review method, who is the reviewer, checked by whom and approved by whom – don’t put names but put their roles as people might resigned but roles are remain)
  • Process Tailoring (List down process tailoring that has been approved in the Project Management Plan with the reason on why the project tailored those process)
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