CS 443 artificial intelligence project iteration 1

Instructions: All students should start by watching all videos and conducting all readings that have been posted on Blackboard to gain understanding of this project. This first iteration has “phases” to help students in performing all necessary tasks, and each phase has a deliverable. There are no due dates for phases; however there is a final due date where all phases and final code must be submitted. Your group should determine “internal” due dates for the phases.

After watching and reading the project videos and files, follow the phases listed below. Pay close attention to the requirements of each phase. The data files that you will need will also be found in Blackboard.

Phase 1:

Using C++, write a program to automate the excel worksheet that was discussed in the video and that is posted on Blackboard. Be careful to not change any of the values on the worksheet as this is how you will be able to verify that your code works correctly. For the number of maximum characters and the number of unchanged characters, the user should be prompted to enter this information into your program. Verify that all of your calculations are resulting the same as the excel file.

Save as: Group#_Phase1.cpp

Phase 2:

Using C++, write a separate program to implement Levenshtein’s Algorithm to measure the number of changed characters between two files. The user should be initially asked if he has two files to compare, if yes, then the user should be allowed to enter the file name (or path) for both files (please use a prompt that asks for the first file and a second prompt for the second file). The algorithm should run and then the user should be prompted if it has more files to compare, if yes, then asked to enter the two files to compare. Your program must not only store the calculated end values for these comparisons but it must also count the number of characters in each file and keep track of which file has the largest number of characters (as this number will be used later). Make sure that your results match the excel file.

Save as: Group#_Phase2.cpp

Phase 3:

Using C++, integrate the phase 1 and phase 2 programs. No longer will the user need to be asked to enter the number of unchanged characters or the largest number of characters because phase 2 should do this portion of phase 1. Verify that your results match what is in the excel file.

Save as: Group#_Phase3.cpp

Phase 4:

Using C++, have your program output the results into a CSV file so that it can be imported into an excel document for analysis (please give the output file a significant file name that includes your group number). BONUS (10pts): Have your program sort the results based on different categories (doubt, belief, plausibility, evidence interval) and provide the already sorted results to a file; no need for the CSV file if your program does the sorting.

Save as: Group#_AIFinal.cpp