Creating a three-part manual that shows a user how to build a computer

You have been recently hired as a computer technician at a local computer sales and repair shop. The shop offers a variety of services that range from installing new applications and fixing computers to recovering lost or deleted data. One service provided by this company is the opportunity for customers to have a computer built to their specifications. As a technician, it is your responsibility to capture the customer’s unique requests.

As part of the training process, your manager would like to evaluate how effective you are at this task, and asked that you complete a project: creating a three-part manual that shows a user how to build a computer, using a list of specifications. Your manual should also describe potential problems you might encounter during the process and ways to handle those problems.

When you are finished, you will submit each part of the user manual for review. It will ultimately be used to train new computer technicians at the shop.

You will use the TestOut PC Pro (LabSim) to help you understand the steps needed to build a computer

The learning materials within LabSim will help you understand the process of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a computer system. As you move through each set of activities in the Steps to Completion, you will also be submitting sections of the user manual.