Create an ER diagram of Big City Rentals

Assignment 2b

The requirements collection and analysis phases of the database design process have provided the following data requirements for Big City Rentals, which rents out vehicles. Big City Rentals has several rental outlets. Each outlet has an outlet number, address, phone number, and fax number.

Each outlet has many vehicles for rent. The vehicle registration number (VRN) uniquely identifies each vehicle for rent and is used when renting a vehicle to a client. A brand new Outlet may not yet have any vehicles. 

Clients may rent vehicles for various periods of time. Client data is entered into the database system when the client rents for the first time. Each individual rental agreement between a client and Big City Rentals is identified using a unique rental agreement number (RAN). Data listed on the rented vehicle include: vehicle registration number (VRN), model, make, year, and outlet number of vehicle.

The data listed on each rental agreement include the rental agreement number (RAN), the outlet number, the client number, client name, client address, client phone number, the date the client started the rental period, the date that ends the rental period, the daily rental rate, the vehicle registration number (VRN), model, make, vehicle year, mileage at start of rental period, and mileage at end of rental period. At the conclusion of each rental, a member of staff inspects the vehicle and enters any problems with the vehicle on a Check-in Report. A Check-in Report is always prepared regardless of whether there are any problems found. Check-in Report information on each vehicle is stored in the database system. Check-in Reports list the staff number of the staff that inspected the vehicle, date inspected, problem description, the vehicle registration number (VRN), make, model, vehicle year, and mileage at end of the rental period. Past Rental Agreements and Check-in reports are permanently saved in the database system.

The data stored on clients include the client number, name, address, and phone. The client number uniquely identifies each client and the data stored in the database system relate to all clients who have rented in the past and those currently renting. A client can rent from any outlet.

Data stored on the staff include staff number, name, home address, home phone number, date of employment, outlet number, and salary.

REQUIRED: Create an ER diagram of Big City Rentals. Your diagram should provide all entities, relationships, relationship labels and arrows, multiplicity notation, keys (PKs and FKs), and non-key attributes. Each non-key attribute should appear in only one entity.