CPT230 assignment 2

Project Brief Swedish chef

Swedish Chef is a web accessed application that enables users to view information about restaurants, rate the restaurant (via stars) and review restaurants. It also has some supplemental owner and administrator functionality. Previous contractors completed a preliminary analysis of a system belonging to Swedish Chef, as per Appendix A.

Your role is to continue this analysis, utilising the scenario transcripts provided (Appendix B) and the base class diagram (Appendix A). You should not add/remove/rename the classes or the associations.

1. Create a sequence diagram.

Create a sequence diagram that shows the retrieval of all reviews for the restaurants rated over 4 (star) and currently owned by David Tennant.

Your diagram MUST demonstrate:

  • Participants, lifelines, and activations
  • Appropriate Messages, named as operations for use in task 5
  • A found message
  • Selection and iteration
  • Appropriate notation
  • Consistency with the provided class diagram
  • Completeness of scenario and consistency with the scope

Your diagram MUST NOT

  • Use notation not covered by the CPT230 lecture notes
  • Include additional functionality to that mentioned.

2. Create a communication diagram.

Create a communication diagram that retrieves the name of all coffee shops in Richmond 3121, and the average rating of each.

3. Create a state diagram

Create a state diagram that represents a Review class. Ensure to carefully consider both Peta’s and Cal’s transcripts when completing this task.

4. Create an activity diagram.

Create an activity diagram describing the process of a review being submitted by a Diner. Ensure to consider all aspects of Peta’s transcript.

5. Amend the class diagram

Operations are absent from the provided class diagram. Update the provided class diagram to include every operation used by the diagrams you have just created.