CPPSEC2110 Case Scenario

CPPSEC2110 Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security


Instructions to the student

  1. Read the entire case scenario and each of the tasks for this unit of competency before
  2. Your answers should reflect standards expected of a person who can work under supervision and demonstrate a level of judgement and decision making.
  3. These tasks are to be conducted in your own time. The learner guide and other research materials may be used.


You are working as a crowd control officer at GIO Stadium, Canberra. Your area of responsibility is from Bays 10 – 13. The game is in the 10th minute of the second half, (1710hrs), when you notice a drink can flying through the air and onto the field. As you look for the person who through the can you see approximately 10 other people also throwing their cans onto the field. The referee blows the whistle and stops the game. You note this information in your contemporaneous notebook.

You call your team leader on your 2-way radio and inform them you think the cans were thrown from bays 51 – 53. Your team leader tells you to stay where you are and monitor the crowd in your area. At 1712hrs two male spectators jump the fence and run onto the field. 3

crowd controllers positioned on the playing area side of the fence chased the two men. They are apprehended and escorted from the field. You note this information in your contemporaneous notebook.

At 1715hrs the players and officials leave the field and make their way to the dressing rooms. The crowd start yelling and booing and a male spectator approximately 10mtrs to your right runs towards the fence to gain access to the playing area. You immediately run towards the person and grab him before he can jump the fence. Another security guard has also seen the incident and has arrived to provide you with assistance. You both escort the male spectator to the security office area where police take responsibility for this person. The time is now 1723hrs. You note this information in your contemporaneous notebook.

You start to make your way back to your position when the crowd starts cheering. You notice the players and officials are returning to the ground to resume the game. It is now 1727hrs and the game is ready to recommence as ground staff have removed the cans that were thrown onto the field. You note this information in your contemporaneous notebook.

The game resumes without further incident and finishes at 1755hrs. you make your way to the security office at 1815hrs to return your equipment and PPE, and now need to check your contemporaneous notes and write your incident report. You begin your incident report at 1835hrs and complete this procedure and sign off your shift at 1900hrs.

Below is a diagram of the GIO Stadium, Canberra. The stadium has a 25,000-seat capacity. Private vehicle movement and parking are limited during events.

case scenario 1 football game

Task 1

Write the details of what happened during your shift in your incident report ensuring the information is accurate, concise, and easy to read.

Location: Type of incident:

Security Officer Name:

Details of what happened:

Security Officer Signature: Date:

* Where a signature is required it is alright to type your name.


case scenario 2 mosh pit

Concert Safety

One of the exiting and most dangerous environments at a major rock concert is the Mosh Pit. This is the area immediately in front of the stage and is protected by a barrier. It is a dynamic, fluid environment where the crowd behaviour can change in a moment. It is very, very crowded and the energy, body heat, stage lighting etc will make it a hot and energy sapping workplace.

Crowd Controllers work in the Mosh Pit will fulfil a multitude of duties:

  • Protect the performers
  • Protect the equipment
  • Prevent people climbing on the stage
  • Recover people who have collapsed in the crowd
  • Provide first aid
  • Recover crowd surfers
  • Direct unruly people to the exit
  • Provide hydration (water) to the people

Task 2

The following is an extract from a Concert Safety Policy.

Complete the sentences in this policy by inserting the missing words.

  • Adequate distance
  • Stop the event
  • Dangerous
  • First Aid
  • Not recommended
  • Monitored
  • Tolerated
  • Water
  1. Patrons must be advised that crowd surfing is dangerous and will not be_______.
  2. Patrons at the stage barrier must be_____and _____ administered to those in need.
  3. Hosing/drenching of mosh pit patrons is ______ ______as this creates a humid effect in the already hot environment but light spraying with potable water is recommended.
  4. ______ ______ officers must be located adjacent to the stage crowd barrier.
  5. Patrons should be advised that mosh pits are ________. Be considerate to those around you. If you notice someone in trouble, lend assistance and seek help from a crowd controller or first aid officer.
  6. Performers and crowd control and event managers must monitor the situation and be prepared to ____ ___ ______ in the interests of safety. Safety must always be the first consideration.

Ensure that there is an _______ ______ between the stage barrier and stage to allow crowd controllers to operate effectively – no less than 1.5 metres.