Contract administration individual assignment

Contract Administration

EBB _6_060

Academic Year 2020/2021

Assessment No 1: Course work 1: 25% of unit mark


The Task

Your boss has handed you to research online Documents, from well-established sources, relating to the introduction of BIM and its impact on the Contract Administration Process as this is increasingly becoming an issue that cannot be ignored.

S/he has asked you to review the articles and give your opinion and suggestions on how BIM can be applied to the Contract Administration office procedures, and to prepare a short report covering the content and offering and opinion on the pros and cons of BIM.

This will be in the form of a short report.

The submission is to be in A4 format with a cover page stating the title of the assignment and with your name and student number and it is to uploaded on to Moodle by the specified date below. No hand copy submission is required. This is an e-submission only.

The report should be appropriately structured and include a contents page, an executive summary, an introduction and conclusion (and should include references if relevant/appropriate).

This assignment counts for half of the assignment element of assessment for this Module. ie equally weighted with the group work and worth 25% of the overall mark for the Module.

Please see separate CW1 Marking sheet for information on how marks will be apportioned below.

This report is to be no more than 1,500 words in length and is to be submitted by Wednesday 28th October 2020 no later than 5pm via Moodle.

Marking scheme:

The criteria for marking this assessment will be as detailed below.

Introduction: 0 /5 marks

(Does it set the scene? Has a rationale been established? Has the approach to the report been set out?)


  • BIM Intro: 0/10 marks
  • Pros & Cons: 0/10 marks
  • Admin & BIM: 0/25 marks
  • Critical Analysis: 0/25 marks

Conclusion: 0/ 5 marks

Present. & Structure: 0/10 marks

(Has a report structure been adopted, have figures and images been appropriately used, has an appendix been included)

Evidence of research/referencing/bibliography: 0 /10 marks

(Does the material appear to come from a variety of sources, demonstrating a range of research? Are the references properly incorporated into the text? Is the bibliography set out in an appropriate way?)