CONM46266 Managing Construction Project 2

UNIT B Assignment:  Risk Analysis & Mangement

This assignment contributes 30% of the portfolio marks for the overall module assessment.

Coursework Brief:

Using your project from Managing Construction Projects 1:

  • Identify and assign the pessimistic, most likely and optimistic time and cost for each activity.
  • Identify ten positive risks and ten negative risks associated with the project. Analyse each of these risks and produce a risk mitigation strategey for each.
  • Identify and establish weather profiles for the region.
  • Using the Oracle Primavera Risk Manager Software and taking into account the identified risks & weather profiles establish:
    1. The time distribution profile for the project and identify the probable duration and completion date for the project at 80% confidence.
    2. The cost distribution profile for the project and the probable cost of the project at 80% confidence.
    3. Risk analysis and mitigation strategies report.

Indicative weightings for assessemnt

  • Activity Durations 5%
  • Risk identification & analysis 25%
  • Weather profiles. 20%
  • Risk Simulation/Analysis 50%