COMP 531800 Graph Drawing

Each one needs to select around one paper in order to make your programming and report by the end of this semester. With the paper, you can either (i) choose one algorithm mentioned in the paper and do programming on it, or (ii) together with reading the paper, you also do programming on an interesting part or an open problem of the paper (you do not need to program the whole paper in my opinions.)

The topics you can select can be anything relating to Graph drawing. It would be even better if your selected topic is closely related to the topics we taught in our lectures; however, it is also fine even though it is not necessary the case. We will provide some suggested papers for you to select. However, you are welcome to select whatever papers you like as long as it is within the scope of our course. You also can find papers in ”Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications” by yourself if you don’t like the papers in the list.

Part I. Programming Part (80%)

The following lists are the requirements of your program.

  • Your program should be able to parse an input file which represents adjacency list or adjacency matrix of a graph or a tree.
  • Your program should compute the drawing and display the drawing on the screen using c or c++.(Also you can use ogdf or openGL library)
  • You need to submit a report in addition to your programming task.

Part II. Report Part(20%)

Your report should contain an abstract section, and a section to describe as clearly as possible the results of the papers and how did the authors obtain them. Moreover, your report should also contain a section to describe some general comments about this project, for instances, the difficulties you encountered while reading the paper, or making your presentations, etc. Your report should contain no more than 3 A4 pages.