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COM 150 Introduction to Computer Programming

Chapter 2:

  • MessageBox (2.3.6) pp. 42-44; know how to code a MessageBox in its entirety;
  • Code Window (2.4) pp. 44 – 47; know your code colors;
  • Clear and Exit buttons (2.6) Know how to code them;

Chapter 3: InputBox (3.5) pp. 88-90; know how to code an InputBox in its entirety

You will not be asked questions about NumericUpDown nor will you have to use it in any programs you write.

Chapter 4:

  • Relational Operators (4.1);
  • If…Then Decision Structures (4.2 and all sub-sections); You will be asked to both write code using If....Then statements and determine output by following the given code utilizes them.
  • Nested If…Then Statements (4.3);
  • Logical Operators (4.4); One of the programs you will be asked to write could be completed using logical operators
  • Visible Property (4.6) pp. 128 – 129;
  • GropuBox, RadioButton, and CheckBox (4.7) pp. 129 – 135. You will be asked questions about these controls and asked to write one or more programs with them.

Chapter 5:

  • Focus your attention on this chapter. Study the codes of the programs you created in class. You will be asked to both write code using the loops presented in this chapter and determine output by following the given code which will utilize loops. You will be asked questions about loops. Yes, there will be nested loops.

Chapter 6: pp. 172 – 173

  • Study the definitions of the different types of errors and be able to find errors in code and correct them. You will see questions like those we went over on p. 173.

Chapter 7:

  • You will see questions like those on page 195, #1-#4.

Know the most common properties of a Label, ListBox, TextBox, PictureBox and Button that we have been working with. Do not go into the Property Window for each control and start writing down everything you see. You will be asked questions about the properties of objects/controls.

Know the code for outputting something to a MessageBox, ListBox and TextBox.

You will not need to convert binary to decimal or decimal to binary. You will not be tested on the history of the computer nor the people involved in its development.

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