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CIVE 260 Homework 5

Frames and Machines/ Distributed Force

Part I: Structural Analysis Frames and Machines

Problem 1

Determine the horizontal and vertical components of force at pins A, B, and C, and the reactions at the fixed support D of the three-member frame.

(Ans. FAC = 8.33 kN)

CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 1

Problem 2

Determine the force P needed to support the 20-kg mass using the Spanish Burton rig. Also, what are the reactions at the supporting hooks A, B, and C?

(Ans. RA = 43.6 N)

CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 2

Problem 3

Determine the force exerted on the small-diameter bar (AC). (Ans. FAC = 8.52 kN)

CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 3

Problem 4

The loader carries the load shown. The bucket’s motion is controlled by two identical mechanisms (only one is shown) that together support the load. Determine:

  • The force in cylinder CD
  • The force in cylinder FH
CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 4

Problem 5

Replace the loading with an equivalent resultant force, and specify its location on the beam measured from point B.

CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 5

Problem 6

Determine the support reactions on the beam.

CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 6

Problem 7

Determine the location of center of mass in the following steel plate.

CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 7

Problem 8

For the machine element shown, locate the z coordinate of the center of gravity.

CIVE 260 Homework 5 image 8
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