CIV7010 Statistical Tools and Research Methods

Individual Assignment 1: Research Methods

A leading precast manufacturer has decided to replace a chemical admixture which has been used for more than a decade with a new chemical admixture to control early set and accelerate strength development. The advantage claimed for the new admixture is that it has excellent compatibility with air entraining admixture used in some precast products. However, the plant manager has suggested completing an experimental trial so that the benefits of the new admixture can be established before making changing to the materials used.

Task 1

Prepare an outline of the experimental design you will suggest to the plant manager. This outline should contain research rationale, aims and objectives, research methodology, nature of data analysis and interpretation, and possible outcomes/conclusions to be drawn. [The research methodology should contain details of materials to be used, tests to be carried out and experimental controls to be established so that meaningful data can be obtained. The nature of data analysis and interpretation should deliver conclusive findings to address the aims and objectives.]

Page Limit: maximum 5 pages.

Task 2

Identify learning resources that you will consult for understanding the topic of research, materials, test methods and data analysis. Prepare a list of references which can be consulted for completing this task.

Page Limit: maximum 3 pages