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Changing procurement practices from Traditional Procurement

Our paper is about a Project in changing the way we procure in Procurement Department in New Company formed Emirates Global Aluminum “EGA” which is a result of joint venture between Dubal & Emal (more details can be found on http://www.ega.ae/ )

Changing procurement practices from Traditional Procurement such as Sending Request for Quotation (RFQ), receiving the Quotation and issuing the order or create a contract to implementing below 5 Strategic sourcing processes:

Changing procurement practices from Traditional Procurement Image 1
Changing procurement practices from Traditional Procurement Image 2

Our Report needs to consist of the following:

  1. Content:
  2. The goals and objectives of the project
  3. Description of the project
  4. Company or organization description and the type of service they provide
  5. Organization structure of the company/division of the investigating place Not required
  6. Cost analysis using MS projects including analytical analysis
  7. Type of the problems that are facing in production /service they provide.
  8. Proper analysis of causes of delays/problems in the project ( if found)
  9. Implications of project management tools and techniques in the organization/project
  10. Investigate how the project manager adopted planning, budgeting and scheduling process as the implication techniques
  11. Recourse allocation, monitoring, controlling and evaluating techniques should be investigated to find out the implications of responsibilities of the project manager for the project
  12. Business solution and analysis, costing break down
  13. Analyze your findings, conclude and recommend handing over /delivering the project on time with in the specified cost and quality
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