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Building Services Systems Assignment Brief Systems Design Assignment: Design Exercise


You are part of a team of Building Services Consulting Engineers who have recently been contacted by a specialist ‘not for profit’ organisation that focuses on providing training and employment opportunities for workers with disabilities and diverse needs. The company has successfully achieved planning permission for a new training facility and has requested that you submit a design proposal for the full mechanical and electrical systems for the company’s office building (figure1).

Building services systems assignment Image 1

figure 1

The design exercise consists of the following components:

  • Detailed design report including system integration


As part of the overall Building services design solution you are required as part of the team to provide a detailed design solution for one of the following subsystems within the project

  1. Air-conditioning and ventilation system
  2. Refrigeration and Cooling system
  3. Heating system
  4. Electrical power and distribution system
  5. Lighting system
  6. Fire protection and security system
  7. Data distribution system

Detailed Design

For your selected subsystems, you must produce a detailed report outlining design decisions and rationale for the technologies you have selected in support of the final design which should include the following elements

  1. Use of fundamental knowledge, innovative techniques, system selection, design parameters
  2. Creative logical approach, attention to detail and functional efficiency
  3. An outline performance specification and all design calculations associated with selection of components, sizes, capacity and duty
  4. Layout of plant rooms, major equipment location, pipe, cable and duct runs throughout the building and site (where appropriate)
  5. Special features of installation relating to health and safety, good engineering practice, and Building Regulations
  6. Operating and maintenance criteria for major plant
  7. Draw all the services to scale on the CAD plans provided
  8. LZC and energy efficiency
  9. Installation and maintenance issues
  10. Commissioning schedules
  11. Integration with the other subsystems within the full building services project

NB the Revit model for the project (which includes the 3D Model, floor plans elevations and sections) will be made available on the systems design area of the VLE. You will need to use these in the production of your design solution.

The submission date for this assignment of 3000 words or equivalent is on 11 Dec 2014

Marking Scheme


Marks available



Design Report

Introduction [5 marks]

Technical Content [30 marks]

LZC/Energy efficiency [20 marks]

System Integration [10 marks]

Conclusion [5 marks]

Depth of research and appropriate [20 marks] referencing

Presentation [10 marks]

Correct pagination

Headers and footers

Graphical elements

Spelling and Grammar

Appendix A

Floor plans, elevations and sections

Building services systems assignment Image 2

Floor plan – ground floor

Building services systems assignment Image 3

Floor plan – first Floor

Building services systems assignment Image 4

Elevation – East

Building services systems assignment Image 5

Elevation- North

Building services systems assignment Image 6

Elevation – South

Building services systems assignment Image 7

Elevation – West

Building services systems assignment Image 8

Section A

Building services systems assignment Image 9

Section B

Building services systems assignment Image 10

Section C