BSBWOR301 Assignment

What you have to do

The assignment for the unit two tasks. Task1 has 10 descriptive question and answers and task 2 has a work plan to be developed.

Task 1


  1. How do you determine your work goals and objectives?
  1. How do you prioritise your work so that all jobs are completed on time?


  1. What are some of the factors that may affect the achievement of work plans and major objectives in a health care setting?
  1. Explain the importance of incorporating contingencies into the business or work plans.


Identify three items of business technology and explain how you use them in your workplace?


  1. How would you monitor and adjust your own work performance to ensure the achievement of goals in accordance to organisational requirements.
  2. In the process of monitoring your own work performance you have to also regularly identify and report on variations in the quality of and products and services according to organisational requirements.

To achieve that, we need customer feedback to identify variations to products and services. List and describe 6 ways that information is collected.


  1. List six signs of personal stress when working in a Health care industry.
  1. Describe how stress would affect personal wellbeing?


  1. Identify the sources of stress in a health care industry and explain its effects on an individual.
  1. Explain the appropriate support and resolution strategies to deal with stress in the workplace


How would you determine your workplace training and development needs and priorities?


  1. Identify and list at least three areas of skill/knowledge or capabilities that you would like to learn more or improve on and add on to your current job skills.
  1. Based on the above identified areas of improvements, develop a personal development plan for your own professional development.

(Please use the below format, at least mention 3 areas where you would like to enhance your skills and knowledge.)

Development activity

Details of development


(Provider, location, etc.)

Objective of development activity



For eg:

To learn advanced excel skills

Face to face training for 5 days at TAFE North Sydney


To learn the advanced understanding and working knowledge of excel skills

5 days



  1. Are records and documents relating to your workplace achievements and assessments stored and maintained?
  2. Why do you need to ensure that all the professional development opportunities are completed and recorded as per the organisational requirements?


To continually improve on your personal skill development and learning needs, what do you need to do?


In this task, you are required to develop a work plan for your current job role or any other role from previous jobs or any other job position from healthcare sector that you aspire for.

The work plan is for a quarter starting next month and would serve as an important tool for reviewing the work performance and managing the professional development at the annual performance appraisal process.

You can choose to use the below format of work plan or can develop one of your choice.

Work Plan Template (Jan 16- April 16)


Job Position:


Goals/KPI’s to achieve: 1.

Action Steps

What Will Be Done?

Responsibilities Who Will Do It?


By When?



A. Resources Available

B. Resources Needed

(financial, human, political

& other)

Potential Barriers A. What individuals or organizations might resist?

B. How?

Communications PlanWho is involved?

What methods?

How often?

Evidence of Success: (How will you know that you are making progress? What are your benchmarks?)

Evaluation Process: (How will you determine that your goal has been reached? What are your measures?