BSBLDR522 Manage People Performance Assessment 2

BSBLDR522 Manage people performance

Assessment 2 - Project Instruction

This assessment task requires you to prepare for and participate in three roleplays.

In the first roleplay, you are required to provide information feedback to a staff member about their workplace performance.

In the second roleplay, you are required to conduct a formal performance review for the same staff member.

You also require to prepare for and participate in a roleplay to provide formal feedback to a staff member, Janice about ongoing poor work performance. Then, you will be required to terminate an employee.

Assessment Resources

  • Performance Review Assessment
  • Performance Review Template

Assessment criteria

Students must complete all of the activities listed and submit:

  • Performance review template
  • Termination Procedure
  • Termination letter

Carefully read the following scenario.

Role-Play A

Jamie is the learning and development officer at Boutique Build Australia. Jamie has been with the company for two months and so far, has shown that she is hard working and responsible. Up until this point, Jamie has mainly been delivering training and education to staff, as well as organising professional development. Jamie has recently been allocated a task to develop a new health and safety manual for staff. Jamie has developed the first chapter of the manual and has provided it to you for review. The content seems okay, but Jamie’s writing style is confusing and difficult to understand.

As Jamie’s supervisor, you need to meet with her to provide feedback on her work, expected performance, and provide some coaching.

Complete the following activities:

1. Prepare for the meeting with Jamie. To prepare for the meeting with Jamie you are required to:

  • Research the STAR model of giving feedback and develop and practice a script that you can use at the meeting with Jamie. Your script should also include positive comments on Jamie’s performance to date. You will not be required to submit your script and you should talk without referring to the script at the assessment.
  • Research ways of improving writing style and make notes on at least five tips to talk through at the meeting with Jamie.

The duration of the meeting with Jamie will be approximately 15 minutes.

2. Meet with Jamie (your assessor). At the meeting with Jamie, provide positive feedback on Jamie’s performance to date and then using the STAR model of feedback to outline the areas where improvement is required as per the script you have developed.

Talk through the five tips you have identified to improve writing style.

Role-Play B

It is now six months later, and it is time for Jamie’s performance review. As you were busy working on a

number of other projects, another staff member has been supervising Jamie and has provided feedback to you on Jamie’s performance. You will use this feedback as part of Jamie’s performance review.

Your assessor will roleplay Jamie during the performance review.

3. Prepare for the meeting with Jamie. To prepare for the meeting with Jamie you are required to:

  • Review the Performance Review Assessment from the person who has been supervising Jamie so that you are able to provide this feedback to Jamie at her performance review.
  • Review the Performance Review Template to familiarise yourself with the organisation’s procedure for performance reviews, as well as the template you need to complete following the performance review.
  • Research potential learning and development opportunities for Jamie based on the Performance Review Assessment information provided to you. You will discuss these at the performance review.
  • Develop and practice a script to use at the performance review meeting with Jamie. Ensure you review all the information that you will need to cover at the meeting so that you can prepare your script accordingly.

The performance review will be for approximately 15 minutes.

4. Conduct the meeting with Jamie. At the performance review you will be required to:

  • Explain the purpose of the performance review.
  • Discuss the rating of Jamie’s work against each item in the checklist.
  • Ensure you emphasise areas where Jamie has done well and others where improvement is required.
  • Respond to any questions.

In consultation with Jamie, agree on areas of improvement/development and indicate that a learning and development plan will be documented. Make notes for inclusion in the Performance Agreement Template.

5. Following the performance review, document the performance review in the Performance Review Template. Save this document as Performance Review.

Role-Play C

Janice is a new Administration Assistant at Boutique Build Australia. She has been with the company for 3 months. Janice’s work is of consistently high standard, but she is also consistently late for work. You have mentioned this to Janice informally, but her punctuality hasn’t improved. The situation is also impacting client’s calls, as Janice is not there to answer the phone, which is a key part of her duties. Now you need to formally meet with Janice to discuss the situation.

Janice’s official start time is 9am and her finish time is 5.30pm with 30 minutes for lunch. In the last week Janice has arrived at work at the following times:

• Monday: 9.05 am

• Tuesday: 9.25 am

• Wednesday: 9.20 am

• Thursday: 9.10 am

• Friday: 9.30 am

Janice has also been offered access to a counsellor with whom the company has an ongoing arrangement. As far as you know, she hasn’t accessed this service.

6. Prepare for meeting. This assessment task requires you to assume the role of the Human Resources Manager and provide formal feedback to Janice (roleplayed by your assessor) about her ongoing poor work performance and to offer counselling and support.

Before you commence this assessment, download and read the following guide about managing underperformance. You will be assessed on your demonstration of the skill referred to under Step 3 key points for employers to remember.

Summarise the correct produre for termination of an employee as set out in the Fairwork Ombudsman website. Your summary should be about one page in length.

Save the document as Termination Procedure.

The duration of the meeting with Janice will be approximately 15 minutes.

7. Conduct the meeting with Janice (with your assessor playing the role of Janice), explaining to her what the problem is, why it is a problem, how it impacts on the workplace and why there is a concern.

At the meeting you must:

  • Explain the purpose of the meeting
  • Explain to Janice what the problem is
  • Explain how this behaviour impacts on the workplace and why it is a concern. Ensure that you focus on the issue not the person.
  • Demonstrate your interpersonal and communication skills by:
  • Keeping your communication clear and simple
  • Listening to Janice and confirming and clarifying information shared
  • Asking questions to confirm information
  • Emphasizing Janice’s strengths as per the scenario information
  • Offer support as required, including accessing company support services.
  • Confirm that Janice needs to meet her contractual requirements.

Despite your informal feedback to Janice about her ongoing lateness, Janice’s work arrival times have not improved. In accordance with workplace procedures, you have discussed the situation with the Managing Director and had one further meeting with Janice to remind her of the requirement to arrive at work on time.

The decision has been made to terminate Janice’s employment. Assume that the company’s procedures for termination is as described below and follow it.

8. Prepare and provide a termination letter. Research the Fair Work Ombudsman web site for guidance on termination and to assist in developing a suitable letter of termination.

In accordance with your research, develop a written letter to Janice informing her that her employment has been terminated.