BDD Test Scenarios Assignment

User Story

As a WorldFirst customer, I want to log into my account and transfer some funds so that I can book a trade.

Acceptance Criteria

  • An option to show the obscured password is present
  • Login should be quick
  • Users should be able to see unsuccessful login attempt
  • All fields should be properly labelled
  • Chosen email address and password are required to login
  • Your email address must be of a valid format
  • Successful authentication of credentials, customer should remain logged in for 5 days.
  • The login form is not susceptible to security risks.
  • A validation message should display on blur when required fields are not populated
  • Transaction page should be accessible to all users


Please provide a document containing the following information for the above User Story.

  • Your BDD Scenarios, including any test case that may fall outside these scenarios
  • Your test cases for the REST API call – “Optional but, a desirable part of this test”
  • Your assumptions if any and considerations before starting your work
  • You may include observations made from previous experience(s)