BACC316 Insurance Planning and Risk

Risk Management Research Project and Assignment

The activity for this project is to research an Australian Public Company and identify the risks that the company is exposed to that are outlined within the latest Annual Financial Report.

You must send an initial email to the teacher. This email is to be sent from your student email account. (Not your personal email account).

In this email you must notify the teacher of the company you have chosen and the students (maximum 2) with whom you are working with.

The topic of your research should identify aspects of Risk within the organization. You should look at discussion in regards to the following:


  1. Corporate Responsibility
  2. Environmental, Social & Governance
  3. Risk Management Framework
  4. Risk Infrastructure
  5. Further reference to all other risk within the Annual Report


  1. The assignment should be set out as a report and have proper headings and reference points.
  2. The report should be approximately (2000 - 2500) words in length. (4 pages of material printed double sided. (Not including headings and referencing)
  3. A word count will be conducted, so no more and no less within a reasonable amount.
  4. All work within the report must be written from your own understanding of the report. (Not cut and pasted)
  5. All material and research must be referenced usually footnotes.