Assignment on Different synonyms and equivalent phrases

How many different synonyms and equivalent phrases can you list that come close to capturing what Baxter and Montgomery mean by the word dialectic? What do these words have in common?

A First Look at Communication Theory 9th edition by Em Griffin ISBN:978-1-25-944536-1 (Communication)

THE SUBJECT; Organizational Behavior

  1. How does Lois Quam use emotions and moods in her speeches to convey her viewpoint? Cite examples to support your statements.
  2. Based on what you have learned about Lois Quam, create hypotheses about the attitudes of her colleagues at Tysvar while using the three basic components of attitudes in your theories.
  3. Take a moment to research the Global Health Initiative. Why do you believe Lois Quam was chosen to lead this program?
  4. Research question: Search news reports, Web sites, and blogs to find out more information on Tysvar. How is the company faring in its quest to make the world cleaner and safer for future generations? What implications might that have on Tysvar's employees, their attitudes, and job satisfaction?