Analyze a network for vulnerabilities to common cyber based attacks

Instructions: Describe and connect specific professional experiences to the course outcomes of your selected course. Describe how your experiences and accomplishments are directly linked to the course. Be sure to include specific dates, time spent, and any other pertinent information in your explanation in order to better demonstrate how long you have been gaining and performing this experience.

You must follow the role and scenario: Pretend you work for the bank as a Network Engineer.

Your Role and scenario: You are a Network Engineer for 3 years. You are employed at Banc of California .The bank has headquarters in North Carolina, Washington Dc, and Los Angeles. The bank also has 50 full service branches located in California. And two in the West Coast. The bank has a data center in the East Coast The bank also has over 40 small remote offices with less than 10 employees each. And over 100 home users. The bank employees over 2000 employees.

1 Evaluate techniques to improve network security defense against regional and international threats

2 Analyze a network for vulnerabilities to common cyber based attacks.

3 Evaluate various encryption techniques for securing enterprise data.

4 Demonstrate an ability to analyze organizational networks and provide sound recommendations to protect digital assets from virus, malware, and other cyber-attacks