Advanced Internet Information Processing Assignment 1


  1. (5+5+10 = 25 pts) This problem is pertaining to the HTML language. You can create your own web page by placing an HTML page in the “publichtml” directory within your home directory of your Linux account.
  • Write an HTML file that contains all needed basic component of an HTML page and test it;
  • Change the previous HTML file so that it contains some syntax errors and load the changed file to see if there is any displayed difference.
  • Write a HTML file that uses both tables and frames. You may also use other HTML elements if necessary. Briefly describe the functionalities and purposes of the file you write.
  1. (25 pts) Assume that the input is of the format:

name1 = value1&name2 = value2&···namen = valuen

Some of the valuei could be empty, i.e. it is possible to have

namei = &namei+1 = valuei+1

Write a Perl script that extracts all namei and valuei pairs, and print them out like:

name1 is value1 name2 is value2

  • ··

namen is valuen

  1. (25 + 25 = 50 pts)

A file of student grade information has the following format:

Humphries, Tired L TH25769 student

Nadash, Maly L M NM1253 student

Kumar, Anihara Sim AK2775 student

Curry, Sunny SC2062 student

The value of the first column is the last name, followed by the comma sign ’,’, followed by middle and initial of the student. Please note that the ”blank” spaces between the words, numbers, email addresses and so on may be white space character, or may be a tab character. Please also note that the number of fields in the first name and middle initial names is a variable. It can be any where from one and up.

  1. Write a Perl script that takes an input file of the above format, and correctly do the following:
    1. Construct and print out a ”username” based on the last name/first name/middleinitial of each student, like this:

      Humphries Tired L
      Nadash Maly L M

    2. Extract the email address of each student.
  2. Do the same with a PHP script.

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