PSY1002 Introduction To Psychology







Final Assignment: Psychology Portfolio (40%)


The Psychology Portfolio project is an opportunity for students to apply psychological principles to everyday life. Your portfolio is a compilation of three separate journal entries. You will be asked to draw from psychological theories, concepts, and principles covered in className through discussions and student readings. Set out below are more detailed instructions of what is required of you. The requirements to be met are as follows:

  1. Complete three two page responses based on theories and concepts from three separate areas of psychology; each response will be called a portfolio entry.
  2. Examine the concepts/theories carefully and ensure that the one you have selected for each entry is one that you can reasonably apply to the specific area of application.
  3. Where applicable, you are encouraged to use examples from your everyday experiences to help with your explanations.
  4. Each portfolio entry should be no more than{" "} 2 pages in length, excluding references. Please note that references are required for{" "} EACH entry and not at the end of the portfolio.

Entry #1: Personal Reflection/Psychology in my life (30 Marks)

Topic: Lifespan development

  1. Kohlberg’s theory of moral development
  2. Erik Erickson’ s theory of psychosocial development
  3. Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
  4. Sigmund’s Freud’s theory of psychosexual development

For your first entry, reflect on a personal life experience and use a psychological concept/theory to explain this life experience. This entry requires you to:

  1. select a theory from the topic, Lifespan Development, {" "} and choose{" "} ONE stage of the theory, then provide a concise but clear explanation of this stage. [5 Marks]{" "} B. the stage must be one that you are able to recollect.{" "}
  2. reflect on{" "} YOUR {" "} developmental experiences, then choose{" "} ONE {" "} episode or event and provide a brief description of that episode or event. [5 Marks]
  3. having described the stage above, demonstrate how the stage relates to your experience.

[20 Marks]

Entry #2 : Psychology in the Movies (25 Marks)

Topic: Psychological Disorders

  1. Bipolar Disorder
  2. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  3. Dissociative Identity Disorder

Select one Movie from the List below to review

  1. Split (2016) [Stars: James McAvoy, Harley Lu Richardson, Brad William Henke]
  2. Silver Linings Playbook (2012) [Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence]
  3. As Good as it Gets (1997) [Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear]

Students can attempt to access the movies using the following links or use other available media:


For your second entry you are required to be critical consumers of information by reviewing movies using psychological concepts under the broader theme of Psychological Disorders.

  1. select a disorder(s) listed above and provide a concise but clear explanation of that disorder, including the typical symptoms . [5 Marks]
  2. select{" "} ONE {" "} of the three preselected movies and use{" "} ONLY one of the disorders from the list above to review one movie ( B. each disorder is linked to only one movie ). In other words you will view the movie through the eyes of a Psychologist and will identify the Psychological disorder(s) and its (their) symptoms presented in different scenes throughout the movie. In your analysis you will give your justification based on the plot and or the actions/behaviours of the leading character(s) in the movie. Provide examples of 3 scenes in the movie that illustrate your points. [20 Marks]

Entry 3: Psychology in my Profession (30 Marks)

Topic: Learning Theories

  1. Negative Reinforcement
  2. Observational Learning
  3. Positive Punishment
  4. Shaping

Psychology as you would have realized by now can be quite useful in various professions. Therefore, in your third and final portfolio entry, think about how psychology is applicable in your field of study. You should:

  1. select one of the four concepts/theories from the topic of{" "} LEARNING THEORIES and provide a concise but clear explanation of the concept/theory. [5 Marks]
  2. consider your future career (e.g. brand manager for a large beverage company or the CEO of your own company) give specific details of what your job would entail including two issues/challenges that may arise in the job. [5 Marks]
  3. discuss how the concept/theory identified in (a) may be applied to your future career, especially in addressing the issues and challenges highlighted in (b). [20 Marks]

Formatting and Grammar (15 Marks)


2 Marks

Use of APA Format:

13 Marks

Citations (6 or more):

6 Marks

References (6 or more):

2 Marks

Title Page:

2 Marks


3 Marks

(font size and type, margins, pagination, organization [i.e., separation of ideas/views within the text], and paragraphing)



Formatting, Organization, and Submission Guidelines

  1. Be sure to use a minimum of two in-text citations for each entry to give credit to your source of information.
  2. Try to limit your explanations and applications to{" "} TWO {" "} pages per entry.
  3. Your paper must adhere to APA format. That is, the body of the paper must be double spaced with one inch margins, using size 12, Times New Roman font, etc.
  4. Your portfolio should include a cover page and each portfolio entry should have references written in APA format.
  5. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero. See the University’s Student Handbook for guidance and ask your lecturer for additional guidance.

Evaluation Criteria for Portfolio

Please note that the application of psychological concepts/theories to the areas presented is a critical component of your grade. You will need to demonstrate that you understand the concepts selected and you can effectively use the concept/theory to relate to real-world events/situations.