Project Phase 3 Sample Assignment

Project Phase 3


To compete in this competitive era, every organization needs to provide better,faster and reliable services to its customers in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Higher service quality more excellent will be customer satisfaction. Every organization must adopt different technological tools for their brand awareness. Quality of services is essential in every organization either it is hospitals, hotels, or any other company. This quality of services and great marketing strategies help them to retain their customers.

Ambulance Community

To maintain a better relationship with the ambulance community, Waterbury should start giving them a commission on each patient. By doing this, the driver will think of making more money, and in this way, you can have more patient numbers. And if Waterbury focuses on providing recreational activities to the driver this strategy can be very helpful in maintaining a good relationship with them, e.g. by providing a separate “Lounge” with a pleasant atmosphere where they can have free food and different games, i.e., Billiard for drivers where different drivers can sit and socialize with each other. This strategy has the potential to attract more ambulance drivers because they will feel more comfortable in coming to Waterbury as compared to other hospitals. This strategy will create a good impact on drivers, and they start doing word of mouth among the ambulance drivers. So, every ambulance driver will want to visit Waterbury to enjoy the free drivers “Lounge” services and to socialize with other drivers (Clapon, n.d.).

Low-Cost Leadership Strategy

If Waterbury uses a cost leadership strategy, there will be huge chances that they can compete with their competitors very well because by providing excellent services in minimal amounts as compared to their competitors. If they start targeting other demographic segments, i.e., middle className and lower className, by providing state of the art services at a low price, it can increase their patient pool. This low-cost strategy will help them to improve the patient number, and by doing this, they can generate more income (BarryBerman, 2015).

Social Issues

If Waterbury joins hands with any medical colleges and universities to train their students to become professional doctors, this strategy will play a vital role in doing brand awareness in this way everybody would get to know about Waterbury. By doing this, they can have a vast pool of professional doctors, which will help them to grow. They also can do the venture with Non-Government Organizations so that can do seminars on different disease and highlight a different kind of social issues. They also can run an awareness campaign on various ailments, i.e., breast cancer, anxiety issues, etc. by enlightening these issues, it can show the positive side of Waterbury, and this will help them grow (McCloskey, 2011).

Service Quality

They should have better patient services as compared to their competitors. They must Opt for efficient follow-up strategies to keep a check on a patient’s recovery after discharge. In this way, the patient will remain satisfied with the services being provided by Waterbury. Waterbury must have a good communication strategy with the ambulance drivers and with other hospitals to collaborate with other hospitals for a referral. This strategy can also help them in growing (Mohamed Ghanem, 2015).    


Great marketing strategies helps the organization to flourish in no time. The efficient and effective use of different technological tools can make companies successful. In this era, customers are well aware of what they actually desire, so you have to keep engaged by providing efficient after-sales services and provide excellent customer services so that they can be retained and satisfied by the service provided by the organizations.


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