Project Charter for University Web Portal Sample Assignment

Executive Summary

Students leverage a web portal to access university-related information and resources. Content within it can be targeted to all users or to those within a pre-specified role (e.g., students at a particular campus) or it can be user-specific. As an academic institution, one piece of information critical to students is their current progress in their degree program or programs. The purpose of the student degree progress project is to create an area to display user-specific academic progress.

Project Purpose/Justification

University leadership requested this project to promote student awareness and provide students easy access to their degree progress.

Project Description

Preliminary Scope Statement

The purpose of this project is to create an area that displays user-specific academic progress within the appropriate roles, leveraging data through a back-end system. This project will include the necessary modifications to the back end to relay this information. More specifically, this project will include the following:

  • Creating the graphical elements in a web-friendly format
  • Creating the necessary web view to accommodate the graphical elements
  • Creating the necessary changes to the back end to prepare data supporting the student information
  • Creating the necessary web service to securely expose the student’s information to the graphical elements and web view

Out of Scope

Due to business-specific processes, some students, particularly those who have been pursuing a degree for over four years, may not be able to see their academic progress using the deliverables of this project. Changes to the back end to expand this functionality are out of scope, as are any changes intended to enhance functionality to provide additional data beyond the academic progress already captured in another system.

Project Objectives and Success Criteria

  • The project will provide the functionality described within the preliminary scope statement.
  • The project will be delivered without incurring any additional expenses.
  • The project will be delivered free from any significant defects or without causing any down time.
  • The project will be delivered no later than two weeks from the target time frame defined within the milestone schedule below.


  • Additional funding is not available.
  • The information available to students is derived from data within the back end and is as accurate, timely, and available as the source data and its structuring.


No major changes in formatting or scope will be presented during the life of the project.

Stakeholders Roles and Responsibilities







The student will be availing the services being introduced by this approach and better and their role will be to utilize the proposed solutions

It is the responsibility of the student to utilize the web portal and report it to the University if certain bugs or glitches identified in the Web Portal

Very High



The professors will have to continuously update and ensure that the students get all the necessary resources for the study and continue the flow of study

It will be their responsibility to make sure that students are getting all the resources on the web portal and web portal is regularly updated



University executives

The decision-making on the tough decisions will be delivered by the Executives including the approval of the budget and schedule

It will be his or her responsibility to make sure that the taken decision is beneficial for every other stakeholder involved in the project.




Sponsors will be funding the necessary budget and allowing the university to achieve the accomplishments needed for the successful delivery of the project

It is their responsibility to make sure that the funding will be enough for the development and execution of the project




The government is the biggest donor for the university so it will be their responsibility to provide necessary subsidiary and allow students to read and learn in the university

It will be their responsibility to make sure that the students can easily join the university and allow them to learn in the university



IT technicians

Their role will be to implement all the necessary details necessary for the development of the project

It is their responsibility to ensure the security and privacy of the data or information related to the students and make sure that the setup has enough hardware and software available




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