Mindscript Programming Language

Introduction to Mindscript:

Mindscript is an open Source visualization and software development environment. Mindscript program is rapidly developed in a pure graphical environment. Mindscript core is written with cross-platform usage in mind, and runs on both Linux and Windows due to being based on the Crypto++ and wxWidgets libraries.

Mindscript features:

  • Platform independent - Since Mindscript is an Interpreted Language, All Mindscript programs can be run on any platform that the Mindscript runtime environment has been compiled for.
  • Object Oriented - The language is based on many Object Oriented features. For example Objects and Exceptions.
  • Extendable - You can create your own libraries to extend the Mindscript API.

Mindscript has a wide range of applications:

  • Graphical manipulations - You can easily create small Mindscript programs that show, create and alter all sorts of graphics.
  • Cryptography - Mindscript has a strong built-in support for cryptography and supports operations like DES, AES, Blowfish, Twofish, Serpent, 3DES, SHA1, MD2, MD4, MD5, Base64, Base32, CRC32, etc.
  • Mathematical calculations - Mindscript can be used for calculating complex mathematical expressions.
  • Visualizations - Mindscript can be used to visualize iterative algorithms.

Mindscript Programming Code


// This program makes the car move in a square

program square {

output motor1 on 1

output motor2 on 3

main {

repeat 16 


forward motor1

backward motor2

on [motor1 motor2] for 200

float [motor1 motor2]

forward motor2

on [motor1 motor2] for 40

float [motor1 motor2]


off [motor1 motor2]


Mindscript programming language
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