Fabrik programming language

Introduction to Fabrik programming language:

Fabrik is a visual programming environment - a kit of computational and user-interface components that can be "wired" together to build new components and useful applications. The Fabrik diagrams utilize bidirectional dataflow connections as shorthand for multiple paths of flow. Built on object-oriented foundations. The Fabrik components can compute arbitrary objects as outputs. Animation and music can be programmed in this way and the user interface can even be extended by generating graphical structures that depend on other data. The interactive type system guards against meaningless connections. Each Fabrik component can be compiled into an object with access methods corresponding to each of the possible paths of data propagation.

Fabrik Programming code

inst var namedescription
c1a TimesDivide component
c2generates the constant 9/5
c3a PlusMinus component
c4generates the constant 32
v1holds Centigrade value
v2holds the constant 9/5
v3holds intermediate result between PlusMinus & TimesDivide
v4holds the constant 32
v5holds Farenheit value

Instance structure for FtoC application.

p1: x "called when a new Centigrade value arrives from the left" c3 p1: x. "traverse the Times/Divide from left" c5 p1: v3. "traverse the Plus/Minus from left" self export: v5 outChannel: 2 "ship v5 value out output channel 2" p2: x "called when a new Farenheit value arrives from the right" c5 p2: x. "traverse the Plus/Minus from right" c3 p2: v3. "traverse the Times/Divide from right" self export: v1 outChannel: 1 "ship v1 value out output channel 1" Compiled methods for FtoC application.


Feature of Fabrik programming language:

  • Fabrik provide power to create application without knowledge of mySQL and PHP.
  • Fabrik provide required tools for creating application that range in complexity.
  • It allows customisation via xhtml/css JavaScript and templating.
A Fabrik diagram computes the image for the slider