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Zsh Scripting Language

Zsh is also called a Z-shell scripting language. Zsh scripting language is a expansion to the Ksh shell. Zsh is the one of the full feature shell whch provide the many features of scripting to the programmers. If yo know the Ksh scripting language that mean you also know the Zsh scripting language because there is no difference in the both programming languages. Zsh have one very interesting features which provide the facility of the auto correct so the chances of mistakes decreases. It also provide the feature of tab key if you don't remember the full command just tap the tab button and the suggestions are given to you. It also store the history of the command which allow you to choose the commands previously used in the shell.

Features of Zsh Scripting Language

  • Acts extremely similar to bash
  • Typo correction
  • Phenomenally intelligent tab completion
  • Share history across sessions
  • Built in pager
  • More powerful globing
  • More bearable scripting language

On Web

Zsh Installation

GNU Hurd

  • ready-made packages are available in the official Debian repository


  • A port of an old 3.0.5 version of was released in 2001 and was available here: . However, it is no longer maintained and the link is now stale. You can still get a copy as part of GNU utilities for Win32 package or GnuWin32 package.
  • The recommended way to run zsh under Windows is to use Cygwin

Mac OS X

  • zsh is installed in the base system at /bin/zsh. A port of zsh exists and can be installed using Fink all zsh related packages can be seen here zsh can also be installed using MacPorts

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