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Yorick Programming Language

Yorick programming language is used for the scientific simulations and calculations at the advance level. Yorick is not a calculator its provides the wide features e.g readable syntax, array notation, and powerful IO and graphics capabilities make Yorick a favorite tool for scientific numerical analysis. Yorick is a interpreted Programming language and used for the scientific purposes for ploting the graphs and other scientific calculations. yorick code resembles C code, but yorick variables are never explicitly declared and have a dynamic scoping. Yorick Programming language is Written in the ANSI C and run on the most of the operating systems.

Yorick Programming code example

> x=[[1,2,3],[4,5,6]]
> x
> x([2,1],[1,2])
> list=where(1<x)
> list
> y=x(list)
> y

Features of Yorick

  • A compact syntax, similar to C, but with array operators
  • Easily Expandable (dynamic linking of C libraries)
  • Efficient manipulation of arbitrary size/dimension arrays
  • Extensive graphic capabilities
  • Open source, BSD license
  • Emacs-based development environment