Programming Help for X10 Language

Introduction to X10 Programming Language

X10 Programming Language is developed by IBM. It is Easy to use Programming Language. It is designed for parallel computing using PGAS(Partitioned Global Address Space) model.

To prevent the lock stalemate which can occur when two process wait for each other to complete then X10 uses the concept of parent and child relationship for the activities.

Example of X10 Programming Language

Given example will simply print hey! how r u??:

import x10.compiler.Native;
public className New {
    public static def main (args:Rail[String]) {

        val x = 2;

                { @Native("c++","printf(\"Hey!how r u? %d\\n\", x);") {} }



How to learn X10 Programming Language

Tutorial for X10 Programming Language:

Videos to learn X10 Programming Language:

Set the Java Platform for Compiling X10 So Download Java from here!!