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Windows Powershell Programming Help by Programmers hub

Windows Powershell

Windows powershell is a task automation and configuration management framework. Windows powershell is build in a .Net Framework and helps the IT professionals and power users control and automate the administration of the windows operating system and the tasks that are run on the windows. Windows powershell provide the many commands which allow the users to perform many tasks, cmdlets command allows to manage the computers from the command line, Command providers let you access the data stores. Windows powershell is very easy to use it has very easy navigation system for locating the files in the directories.

Windows Powershell Features

  • PowerShell Remoting
  • Background Jobs
  • Transactions
  • ScriptCmdlets
  • SteppablePipelines
  • Modules
  • Data Language
  • Script Debugging
Windows powershell

Windows Powershell named commands

  • cmdlets, which are .NET programs designed to interact with PowerShell
  • PowerShell scripts (files suffixed by .ps1)
  • PowerShell functions
  • standalone executable programs

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