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Winbatch Programming help

Winbatch is a microsoft scripting language. Winbatch is very easy to learn it is look like the mix of the basic and C. Winbatch allows the interpreter and a code editor to write the program and dialog designer and an optional compiler to create the executable files in the winbatch scripting language.Macros can be run from icons, hot keys and from the other features of the winbatch language. Winbatch can be combine with the compiler to create the executable run times for the unlimited distributions of the program.

Winbatch Program Code Example


Winbatch Feature

  • Network management
  • string handling
  • Keystroke recording
  • directory management
  • Disk drive management
  • Window management
  • Mathematical commutation

Why Use Winbatch?

  • It helps in automating the work which save time
  • Run window pc's unattended
  • Use of data scripting
  • Automate PC management
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Allow wast array and small programs