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Tcsh Programming Help by Programmers hub

Tcsh Programming Language

Tcsh is a scripting language and it is compatible with the Csh or C-shell scripting language. Tcsh scriptting language is written in C and it runs on the cross-platforms. The benefit of the Tcsh is it have a feature of the history it save the commands you written before so you can use that commands again without typing. It have command line editing so it is easy to use. It provide the feature of the auto completion of the file names and commands at the command line. To create the tcsh script you have to enter the pre-defined line in the first line of the script #!/bin/tcsh . The first line show that which scripting language is using to create a script.

Tcsh Program Code Example

if ( "$input" =~ [0-9]* ) then

  echo "the input starts with an integer"


  echo "the input does NOT start with an integer"



Tcsh scripting provide the every features of the object oriented programming languages e.g condition statements, iteration statements. You can use the operands in the condition statements of if and while command

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