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Supercollider Programming language

Supercollider is used for the real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. Super collider Programming language is similar to Smaltalk language. Supercollider Programming language provide the garbage collection, single inheritance object-oriented feature to the Prorgamms. Functions and methods can have default argument values and variable length argument lists.

Architecture of SuperCollider is divide into two components :



These two components communicate with each other Open sound control. Supercollider runs on the cross platforms. The most of the development is run on the MacOs so the windows version lag behind the other platforms.

SuperCollider Programming Code Example


// modulate a sine frequency and a noise amplitude with another sine

// whose frequency depends on the horizontal mouse pointer position


	var x =, 100)); * x + 800, 0, 0.1) 

	+ * x + 0.1) 


SuperCollider Programming language

Features of SuperCollider

  • Open Sound Control access
  • Simple ANSI C plugin API
  • Supports any number of input and output channels, including massively multichannel setups
  • Gives access to an ordered tree structure of synthesis nodes which define the order of execution
  • Bus system which allows to dynamically restructure the signal flow
  • Buffers for writing and reading
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