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Suneido integrated developmente environment

Suneido is used to help the developer to develop and deploy the applications without any overhead of integrating multiple different products to add the features to the system. Suneido is develop in the complete Object oriented Programming and provide the advance features of programming to the developer. Suneido use the Integreted development environment (IDE) to develop the applications and also allow to run the applications on the network using client server feature. Suneido provide the feature of garbage collection and exceptional handling.

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Suneido Code Example

/* multi-line
comment */
calc = function (x, y = 0, dbl = false)
sum = x + y // single line comment
if dbl is true
sum *= 2
return "result is " $ sum

calc(123) => "result is 123"

calc(123, 456) => "result is 579"

calc(10, dbl:, y: 5) => "result is 30"

calc("123") => "result is 123"
Suneido programming language

Features of Suneido

  • complete, integrated application platform
  • open source
  • fast, simple, client-server relational database
  • small
  • minimal platform requirements
  • full featured, native style applications