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Sisal programming language

SISAL (Streams and Iteration in a Single Assignment Language) Programming language combines modern language features with readable syntax and mathematical sound semantics to make easy parallel programming. It has a Pascal-like syntax and was designed to be a common high-level language for numerical programs on a variety of multiprocessors. Sisal includes a data type that allows producers and consumers of information to execute simultaneously on a shared structure, called a Stream. Sisal provides the features of object-oriented programming languages e.g garbage collection, memory management. The main focus of the Sisal programming language is the parallel programming.

Sisal programming code example

define main

type OneDim = array [ real ];
type TwoDim = array [ OneDim ];

function generate( n : integer
                   returns TwoDim, TwoDim )

   for i in 1, n cross j in 1, n
   returns array of real(i)/real(j)
           array of real(i)*real(j)
   end for
end function % generate
Sisal programming language

Features of Sisal

  • Union Types
  • Streams
  • Debugging
  • Mixed Language Programming
  • Distributed Memory Sisal
  • Performance Monitoring Tools

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