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Sed Programming language

Sed Programming is a stream editor and designed to apply the action from a script to each line of the input file or files. Sed was designed by the  Lee E. McMahon of Bell Labs. Sed Programming language was is codded in the editor ed and the advanced editor qed. Se d Programming language is used for the text processing and regular expressions. The main purpose of the Sed Programming is text edition whether that text generate from the programm or the generated text is the output of some other program. Sed is mostly used in the multi-line pattern matching and for the substitutions of text.

Sed Commands

a \ Append
b labelBranch
c \ change
and D Delete
gand GGet
and HHold
i \Insert
and NNext
sed programming

Uses of Sed Programming Language

  • To edit files too large for comfortable interactive editing.
  • To edit any size file when the sequence of editing commands is too complicated to be comfortably typed in interactive mode.
  • To perform multiple `global' editing functions efficiently in one pass through the input