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Sather Programming language

Sather is a object oriented programming language which is design to promote the simple and efficient programming. Sather Programming language includes the feature of the many programming languages e.g it it efficient as the the C, C++ language safe as the Eifel, CLU language and support the many languages Lisp, smalltalk. Sather provides the all features of object oriented programming language e.g garbage collection, statically-check strong typing, memory management, parameterized classes, dynamic dispatch, iteration abstraction, higher-order routines and iters, exception handling, assertions, preconditions, postconditions, and class invariants.

Sather provide the mailing list make their followers up-to date. The mailing list of the sather is following :

Bug-sather : used for the development and enhancement requests

Info-satheruser help and discussion

Sather Programming Code example

class HELLO_WORLD is
 main is 
  #OUT+"Hello World\n"; 

Features of sather

  • Code Reuse
  • Parameterized Classes
  • Object Oriented Dispatch
  • Strong Typing
  • Separate Implementation and Type Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Garbage Collection