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SNOBOL Programming language

SNOBOL is a String-Oriented Symbolic Language is a programming language used for the string manipulation operations. SNOBOL programming language is used for the research tool rather than for the commercial application development. SNOBOL released many versions the most recent version of SNOBOL is SNOBOL4 but the use has faded as newer languages such as AWK and Perl have made string manipulation by means of expressions fashionable. SNOBOL was written in assembly language and was used for the symbolic manipulation of polynomials.

SNOBOL consist of sequence of statements:

  • the assignment statement,
  • the pattern matching statement,
  • the replacement statement, and
  • the end statement

SNOBOL programming code example

OUTPUT = "What is your name?"

          Username = INPUT

          OUTPUT = "Thank you, " Username


Features of SNOBOL

  • String Manipulation Operations
  • Pattern Matching
  • Dynamically typed
  • Interpretive language
  • NOBOL stores variables, strings and data structures in a single garbage-collected heap
  • SNOBOL rivals APL for its distinctiveness in format and programming style