Programming Help for SALSA Programming

Introduction to SALSA Programming Language

Salsa - Simple Actor Language System and Architecture

Salsa is a concurrent programming language and Actor-Oriented Programming Language. It is designed to develop a dynamic configured on distributed application. The Dynamically Configured open distributed application is used in many fields like grid computing, mobile computing and internet computing application.

The codes of Salsa Programming language can be compiled into Java Source Code and then bytecode by Java compiler. It is portable programming Language like Java.

Example of SALSA Programming Language

In the given example it wills print “hey !! How r u...?:

module demo;
behavior Hey {
void act( String[] argv ) {
standardOutput<-print( "Hey!!" ) @
standardOutput<-print( "How r u ?" );



How to learn Salsa Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Salsa Programming Language:

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