RPL Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to RPL

RPL stands for the Reverse Polish Lisp programming language. RPL is similar to RPN, since RPL is a combination of RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), Lisp, and Forth. There is a wide variety of mathematical programs, applications, and analysis that can be done with the HP 50g calculator. My goal of this series is to introduce readers to RPL programming so that they get a working knowledge of RPL programming. RPL is a structured programming language based on RPN but equally capable of processing algebraic expressions and formulae, implemented as a threaded interpreter. RPL has many similarities to Forth, both languages being stack-based, and of course the list-based LISP. Contrary to previous HP RPN calculators, which had a fixed four-level stack, the stack used by RPL is only limited by available calculator RAM.

Example: Hello World:



  "Hello, world!" 1 DISP

  0 WAIT



Compiler Download

To get started, see Download and install RPL and follow the instructions....