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RPG Programming Language

RPG is a high level programming language used in the development of business applications. RPG Programming language develop by IBM and run on the IBM machines. RPG is an acronym of Report Program Generator and develop to replace the punched card system in the computer systems. IBM released variour variations of RPG but the rescent and the widely use version of RPG is RPG-4.  every RPG program executes within an implied loop, which can apply the program to every record of a file.

  • RPG II was introduced with the System/3 series of computers
  • RPG III was created for the System/38 and its successor the AS/400

RPG Programming code example

                              PART_UM    CHAR(2)   NOT NULL,
                              PART_QUANT INTEGER   NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT,                         
                              PART_ROP   INTEGER   NOT NULL,                                      
                              PART_EOQ   INTEGER   NOT NULL,                                      
                              PART_BIN   CHAR(6)   NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT                          

 RPG users with improvements in the following areas

  • Program creation
  • Program management
  • Program call
  • Source debugging
  • Bindable application program interfaces (APIs)