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REXX Scripting language Programming Help by Programmers hub

REXX Programming Language

REXX is a scripting language develop by IBM designed for ease of learning and reading. REXX is free and general-purpose language that offers thousands of free add-on tool. It can be used with the variety of applications including web-programming, server-programming, Xml and text processing, mainframe job control. Rexx can run on many platforms from mobiles and handhelds to laptops to servers to mainframes. It runs on almost every operating system which make it platform independent and flexible. Rexx have many free tools available for the developers. REXX classified the rexx into the different categories :

  • Classic Rexx
  • Object Rexx
  • NetRexx

REXX is both command language and a scripting language. When Rexx was released at that time IBM declare the Rexx as a command language but now it uses as a scripting language. Rexx can also be used as a macro language or embedded language. REXX follow the all features of the object oriented programming and its very easy to learn

Features of REXX Programming Language

  • Simple syntax
  • Small instruction set containing just two dozen instructions
  • Freeform syntax
  • Case-insensitive tokens, including variable names
  • Character string basis
  • Dynamic data typing, no declarations

REXX programming Code Example

pull a
say 'Results are:' a b c d e
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