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REBOL Programming Language

REBOL was acronym of Relative Expression Based Object Language. REBOL programming language is a cross-platform data exchange programming language. REBOL programming language is a extraordinary simle and provide many features of other programming languages. REBOL is simple and faster to learn than Python, Ruby, Visual Basic, PHP, Lua, and other popular scripting languages. REBOL programming language uses the concept of dialecting : small, optimized, domain-specific languages for code and data. REBOL is used to create the following applications :

  • professional application development
  • critical business system programming
  • web site development
  • file and network utility development
  • games
  • graphics
  • media programming

REBOL Programming Code Example

Digit: charset [#"0" - #"9"]
Value: [some Digit | "(" Expr ")"]
Product: [Value any [["*"| "/"] Value]]
Sum: [Product any [["+"| "-"] Product]]
Expr: Sum
parse/all "12+13" Expr
REBOL Programming Language

Features of REBOL

  • Visual Interface Dialect
  • Not have to end lines with a semicolon or other character
  • compact several commands and arguments on a single line
  • compressed scripts and binary content
  • run a script from a remote web server